The conference featured a mix of pre-circulated and live content. Pre-circulated content and live recorded sessions can be accessed by clicking through the links in the schedule below. Some pages are password-protected and only available to registered attendees.

Friday 23 April

TimeSessionWherePre-circulated content
2-2:15pm BST (London)Welcome Zoom
2:15-3:15pm BST (London)Streaming of the interview with Makoto FujimuraYouTube
3:15-3:30pm BST (London)Break
3:30-4:30pm BST (London)Aesthetics Panel Q&AZoomAesthetics Panel Talks
4:30-5:10pm BST (London)Break
5:10-6:10 pm BST (London)Q&A with keynotesZoomShumon Basar’s keynote
Victoria Camblin’s keynote
Bran Nicol’s keynote
6:10-7pm BST (London)Break
7-8:10pm BST (London)Art, Space, and Place Panel Q&AZoomArt, Space and Place Panel Talks
8:10-8:30pm BST (London)Break
8:30-9:30pm BST (London)Spirituality Panel Q&AZoomSpirituality Panel Talks

Saturday 24 April

TimeSessionWherePre-circulated content
2:45-3pm BST (London)WelcomeZoom
3-4pm BST (London)Image Journal Panel Q&AZoomImage Journal Panel talks
4-4:20pm BST (London)Break
4:20-5:30pm BST (London)Time, Memory, and Nostalgia Panel Q&AZoomTime, Memory, and Nostalgia Panel talks
5:30-6:30pm BST (London)Break
6:30-7:40pm BST (London)Late Capitalist Communication in a Digital Age Panel Q&AZoomLate Capitalist Communication in a Digital Age Panel Talks
7:40:-8pm BST (London)Closing remarks and thanksZoom
8-8:30pm BST (London)Break
8:30-9:30pm BST (London)Streaming of the interview with Douglas CouplandYouTube

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