Fiction in the Age of Smupidity

Live Q&A: Friday 23 April, 5:10-6:10pm BST (London). Chair: Dr Mary McCampbell

Check the time in your time zone here.

Professor Nicol’s keynote address explores the status/value/function of the novel in a world where we’re unmoored from stable notions of temporality and historicity, and shared reality. Nicol considers, in particular, the context of the ‘extreme present’ and Coupland’s notions of how the internet has rewired us. 

Bran Nicol is Professor of English Literature and Head of the School of Literature and Languages at the University of Surrey, UK. His main interests are in modern and contemporary British, European and American fiction, literary theory, and ‘crime culture’. His books include The Private Eye (Reaktion, 2013), Postmodern Fiction: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2009), and Stalking (Reaktion, 2006), which was translated into Italian, Japanese and Korean, Iris Murdoch: The Retrospective Fiction (Palgrave, second edition, 2004),and two edited collections: Postmodernism and the Contemporary Novel (Edinburgh University Press, 2002) and Crime Culture (Bloomsbury, 2010). 

As you listen to the keynote, feel free to post your questions in the comments below. We will then ask these questions to Professor Nicol during the live Q&A.

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